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The general structure of the tutorials is pretty much fixed. Subjects of each tutorial are summarized in the table below, along with links to my additions. You may download the entire course booklet (both tutorials and lectures) from the course site.

If you need help with Matam's material feel free to email or schedule a meeting with me.
It's ok even if you are not a student of Matam/CS department.

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unix 1 Introduction to Unix, gdb  
C 2 I/O redirection, argv/argc, I/O in C, dynamic memory, pointers, arrays Cmd line, stderr/out, mem corruption
3 Structures Simple linked list
Event list, linked list example
4 Modular development in C, simple ADT Example of a Date ADT
5 Pointers to functions, advanced ADT Sorting with function pointers
6 Examples from ADT exams ADT exams solutions
c-shell 7 Introduction to C-Shell, unix commands 
8 Script files, jobs in C-shell  
9 Examples from C-Shell exams C-Shell exams solutions
C-Shell practise tutorial
C++ 10 Introduction to C++, classes 
11 Operator overloading, copy c'tor, operator=, streams, class String The String class explained
12 User defined type conversions, templates Example of class Complex
Complementary tutorial in C++
13 Inheritance and polymorphism A revised Shape class
14 Examples from C++ exams C++ exams solutions

Note that my additions are not official. They might contain mistakes, but being unofficial, Mission Impossible's rule holds here: "As always, should you or any of your partners lose points or fail, the secretary will disavow any knowledge".