Howto contact me | Yaniv Hamo

Bad invention Call me weirdo if you like, but I don't like phones. I think that phones with incoming calls are the worst invention ever made. The reason is simple; when you have a phone, you lose control of your own time schedule. Just about anyone can interrupt whatever it is that you're doing, whenever they want. In other words, if you like it or not, other people control you. Take a minute, give it a little thought.

So, there is no way to reach me by phone.

In fact, the only way to contact me is by email, to this address:

Contact form

(notice you cannot copy-paste this address, it's a method to avoid spam)

Since I receive around 100 emails per day on average, show consideration if I don't return to you right away. However, if I didn't reply in about 5 days, it means that your mail got buried under hundreds of others - resend it :)

Also note a very important thing - be polite. I have written a mail spam filter that works under the assumption that it is you who needs me, not vice versa. This fact allows it to be quite aggressive in deciding which emails to throw away. Use words such as "Urgent!!" or "immediately!" - and I will never even get to see your email. So keep calm, and polite.

You may also use this form to send me an email.