Summary | What I do | Yaniv Hamo

Here is the summary of what I do, order is important!

I study towards Ph.D. in the Computer Science Department of the Technion. I started studying December 2002, a year after I finished my M.Sc.. Don't ask me what did I do in that year, I really don't know.

My research field is artificial intelligence, mainly machine learning.
My advisor is Dr. Shaul Markovitch. I can tell you alot of things about him, but all of them are extremely good, and it might look like I'm saying them to help me finish the degree :) well, nothing will help me finish the degree.

Academia Software Solutions Ltd.I am the President and CTO of Academia Software Solutions Ltd. which I co-founded in 2001.

GR++ and WebCourseI am the writer, graphic designer and maintainer of GR++(tm) and WebCourse(tm). Online platforms for managing grades and academic courses for large-scale institutes. I started writing GR++ around 1998, here's how it looked back then. Since then I've added the students' interface many of the Technion's students visit every day, especially during the exams period :)

Computer ScienceI am the writer and maintainer of the entire mechanism behind the Computer Science Department home page. The idea behind this mechanism was geniusly engineered by Dr. Shaul Markovitch, to allow seamless update and maintenance.

ESendAnother piece of software I invented, that people seem to like, is ESend(tm). It allows everyone in israel to receive their emails directly to their cellular phones. No hassles, no complex configuration, no need to give your email password, and absolutely free. The latter is probably the reason why people like it ;). Over 3,000 people are currently using it.

I teach Introduction to Systems Programming (Matam) for quite a few semesters now. Before that I used to teach Introduction to C (you can still see my name on the site there, Israel Gutter, the current TA in charge, refuses to remove it until I agree to fix his site - well, I don't intend to). And even before, I taught Internet Networking. I was the TA when this course just got opened, and believe me, it's not an experience I want to repeat.