Studying | What I do | Yaniv Hamo

Ph.D.: Technion, Computer Science, December 2002 - end of time

Currently I study towards Ph.D. in the Computer Science Department of the Technion. I started studying December 2002, a year after I finished my M.Sc.. Don't ask me what did I do in that year, I really don't know.

My research field is artificial intelligence, mainly machine learning.
My advisor is Dr. Shaul Markovitch. I can tell you alot of things about him, but all of them are exteremly good, and it might look like I'm saying them to help me finish the degree :) well, nothing will help me finish the degree.

M.Sc.: Technion, Computer Science, October 1997 - December 2001

My second degree was in the field of computer networks. More specifically, I researched for ways to improve the behavior of TCP over cell based networks, such as ATM. My advisor was Assoc. Prof. Reuven Cohen, the local networks master.

Our algorithm actually works, and really improves TCP performance. You can read all about it in our article (bpd.pdf, 620KB).

This article made its way to Infocom 2000 - now, Infocom conferences usually take place in exciting locations thoughout the world, and you get a free ride there from the department. It was my bad luck, that Infocom 2000 was, of all places, at Tel Aviv :) a rather exotic place, but if I really think hard, I can come up with one or two more exciting places :)

B.A.: Technion, Computer Science, October 1994 - October 1997

First degree, nothing special to say about it. Maybe only one tip - students who think about studying for higher degrees in the department, you better do a B.A. (3 years), do not waste time on B.Sc. (4 years), since you will end up wasting time.. if you need details contact me.