Motto | Teaching | What I do | Yaniv Hamo

My motto in teaching is the same as my motto in life: always be different than the others. Being different in a society of normal people automatically makes you better.

My methods of teaching are not conservative, to say the least. I am not the type who reads off slides and follows the course booklet. I try to innovate, every semester, and come up with new material, new example programs, examples from recent exams - everything but to follow the material in the booklet.

As the TA in charge I urge my assistants to follow this path, I give them total freedom. So most likely, every TA in the course when I'm in charge, teaches the material as they see fit, with their own material. For students it means that after the 4th or 5th tutorial - it's not recommended to switch TAs...

If you are the type who adores order and strictly following written booklets - you're out of luck. You should wait for a semester when I am not in charge of this course, it'll be around 2007-2008.