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A spot up for grabs in the book of history

The first leader to admit that they and their administration were mistaken to think that the new coronavirus is a health threat, will be remembered in history as a marker of sanity and the trigger that has led to the blessed return to normality.

They simply need to say: "I was wrong, we were wrong". Show a slide comparing the coronavirus with a regular flu, and a slide showing that there are actually less total deaths in 2020 than in 2019. Continue by saying "every year there is a new kind of flu, sometimes they are mild, sometimes more severe. This year we got the coronavirus. By all important metrics, it is a kind of mild flu, far less deadly than the flu wave of 2015. We were wrong to make it more than it is, and to instill fear in the public unnecessarily".

Next they would open up their country, the economy, cancel masks, allow all tourists to come in without any restrictions or requirements, not even a temperature check.

Within a few weeks, many countries would join and stand behind this true leader. All other countries will look as if their leaders are insisting they stay in the stone age. Shortly after, the world will wake up from this bad dream, this anti-scientific wave that has managed to take over even the most rational countries.

History will remember this man or woman the same way it remembers all the great liberators. The spot is up for grabs, and not too often does history offer such an easy way, a way aligned with the truth, for claiming such an important place.

Claim it now, before someone else takes it from you. All you need to do, is to say "I was wrong".