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Премьера нового альбома Мары, 1.10.2011 Питер

I realized from Day One that Mara is made from the right material. That she will, one day, enter the hall of fame of Russian Rock. It is an exclusive club, and all members are time-proven: with the notable exception of Kino, most are performing to this date, some for over 30 years. In comparison to these veterans, Mara is just starting. So the natural inclination is to wait until more time passes to judge whether she is a true legend or not.

But I say - there is no question about it, and none has ever been.

She is currently in high entropy, she is raw, and she is maturing, she is annealing, she will get to that hall of fame. Mark my words; Mara is the real thing, a true звезда рок-н-ролла.

Yesterday, in Piter, I witnessed in front of my eyes how she is making another milestone. And druzya, I need to share this video I took with you. I need to share it so much, that from all the rock concerts I've been to this is the first time I felt the need, the urge, the necessity, of uploading to YouTube. Maybe I will upload now other videos which I made throughout the years.

Listen to her, and judge for yourself. A true star.

(* I know of no official name for this specific song yet. Until Mara names it, I figured that "Я выбираю" makes a good temporary name.)