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No more postponing homeworks

Students sometimes get used to courses postponing exercises. This make them assume they will receive a postponement in our course too, and they pratically build on it.

Well, let me tell you something about it.

The Technion is known for its high academic pressure. The Computer Science Department is very demanding. Practically all other universities in the country, and I mean all of them are less pressured. Not to mention colleges. But you do not want to be an amateur and study elsewhere - you want to be the best.
So you came here.
Here it is pressured like hell, and some swear that even more.

So when you come to me and tell me:

"wow Yaniv we have so much pressure now, we have to submit 4 works in physics, 3 in hedva, 12 more in CS courses and we didn't sleep or shower for 3 days - please postpone the ADT exercise",

what I really hear is:

"Yaniv we study in the Technion - please postpone the ADT exercise", and you can guess my answer.

Enjoy the benefits of it - Matam's exercises schedule is strict and you can rely on it, it's a rock to stand on.