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No more homework grades transfer between semesters

In the past, people who repeated the course were allowed to transfer homework grades from one of the previous 3 semesters.

What is that ?! though I have a sense of humor, still I don't get this joke! Students are entitled to 2 exams in a course, first term and second term. By transferring homeworks we essentially give them infinite amount of exams - try until you succeed. I am sure that even in the worst college in Burkina Faso you will not find such conditions.

And now you have the crying ones: "but there is so much work in Matam - I cannot do it all again, I have many courses to take!" - so don't fail your two Matam exams. Statistics show that if we allow you to transfer homework grades, you will fail again and again. This is the reason that convinced me to drop this "benefit", it is simply a crime against the students to allow it.

Why is that? simple - human nature. By not doing homeworks you are detached from the course. The academic pressure in our beloved Technion will cause you to cut wherever you possibly can - and then you stop going to lectures and tutorials. Then comes the exam you so eagerly waited for, and guess what? you fail again.

This is not a way to repeat a course. Repeating a course is repeating it. There are no shortcuts if it is a good grade that you are after.