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No more mercyful attitude towards students who copy

In the past, student who got caught copying was simply given a 0 in that exercise, or in the worst case, 0 as the final grade of the course.

Now I personally guarantee taking both the copier, and the ones who allowed to copy, to the Technion's court. There, the minimum automatic punishment is a semester out of the Technion, but it is usually a year.

I do not say this to try and frighten those who copy. I regard students who copy as the lowest form of students, and I really do not expect much of them. I say it for those who let others copy - see what awaits you, and simply say no. When someone approaches you and ask to copy remember you will go down with them, and why do you deserve this? let me know if you can think of a reason.

All works are sampled and checked for copying, and all electronic submissions are checked by a robot - keep your dignity and don't copy in this course.